Additional Contact Information

If you have questions regarding course requirements, you may contact:
  • Angela Su, Director, (650) 949-6970
  • Charlie McKellar,Program Coordinator (650) 949-6955
  • Middlefield counseling: (650) 949-6959.
    Or, you may schedule an appointment online by visiting the counseling site.
  • BH Division office, (650) 949-7249
  • Pharmacy Technician Job Posting Board
  • Foothill College
    Mailing address:
    Pharmacy Technician Program Foothill College
    4000 Middlefield Road, Suite I, Palo Alto, CA. 94303

The prerequisites to be considered for the Pharmacy Technician program are:
  1. High School diploma or equivalency
  2. Proficiency in Biology (high school Biology or Biology 10)
    Biology studied in a language other than English will not be considered.
  3. Proficiency in Math (high school Algebra, Math 101, or placement into Math 105 on the Foothill College Assessment Test)
  4. Proficiency in English (eligible for ESL 25 or English 110, as determined by the Foothill College Assessment Test)
  5. Enrolling/passing PhT 200L (Pharmacy Technician as a Career) Contact Charlie McKellar for more information. View the most current class schedule information.
"It's not too late to add PhT 200L for Fall 2015
We are still accepting applications for Fall. PhT 200L will be offered this Summer to meet the prerequisite. Please see the online schedule for class information, or call Charlie McKellar at (650) 949-6955 for more information.

The following are not prerequisites, but are STRONGLY recommended:

  1. Keyboarding proficiency of 35 words/minute or higher.
  2. Anatomy/Physiology.

For more information, please call Charlie McKellar, Program Coordinator, at (650) 949-6955.

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