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Additional Contact Information

If you have questions regarding course requirements, you may contact:
  • Howard Michaels, M.D, Paramedic Director, (650) 949-6972
  • Charlie McKellar, Program Coordinator (650) 949-6955
  • Middlefield counseling: (650)949-6959.
    Or, you may schedule an appointment online by visiting the counseling site.
  • BH Division office, (650) 949-7249
  • Paramedic Job Posting Board
  • Foothill College
    Main Campus: (650) 949-7777

Today paramedics work for EMS agencies, such as private ambulance services, fire agencies, rotary & fixed wing operations, educational institutions, county & state EMS authorities, and emergency departments. Historically, the greatest area of demand for paramedics has been in the private sector. Recently, in the Bay Area and on the East Coast fire agencies have begun providing paramedic level service. This has more than doubled the demand for paramedics. Depending on where you look, job opportunities for recent paramedic graduates are still excellent!

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