High School, ROP and Adult Education Articulation to Foothill College


Articulation is the process by which Foothill College links, or articulates, its courses with high schools, regional occupational programs (ROP), adult education programs and other institutions. This process supports students starting career pathways or transfer planning at the high school level.

If you are a High School, ROP or Adult Education student interested in finding out if your coursework has been articulated with Foothill College and/or would like to receive credit for completed coursework that has been articulated with Foothill College, you must follow the college process and complete and submit required forms.

If you are a High School, ROP or Adult Education teacher or administrator interested in articulating coursework from your program with a program at Foothill College please follow steps outlined and complete the required paperwork.

If you are a Foothill College faculty member or administrator there is a process in place as approved by the College Curriculum Committee in November 2011 that guides the articulation course of action.

Additional Resources and Information

Frequently Asked Questions about High School/ROP/Adult Education Articulation
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California Policies & Regulations
Statewide Career Pathways Articulation Handbook

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