Guidelines for High School, ROP and Adult Education Students

Some of the courses you have taken at your High School or through Regional Occupation Programs (ROPs) and Adult Education may be eligible for either noncredit or credit articulation at Foothill College.

Eligible courses that have been articulated with each High School, ROP or Adult School and Foothill College are on a course by course basis.

To apply for recognition of the articulated courses at Foothill College you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Get a copy of your high school/ROP/Adult School transcript.
  2. If you have not applied to Foothill College, then apply online and get your student ID number, which is emailed to you within 24 hours. Print a copy of the email with your ID number.
  3. Make an appointment with a Foothill College Counselor to review these completed courses and develop your Student Education Plan. (SEP)
  4. Bring your transcript, your copy of the Foothill application verification and any other documentation you have from your high school/ROP/Adult School about the course(s) you have completed.
  5. The counselor will assist you with registering for Credit by Exam for the Foothill course(s) that you want credit for, and will direct you to the Dean(s) you need to contact to take the Exam(s). Some articulated courses will have had the Credit by Exam completed at the high school/ROP/Adult School and you will not need to repeat this.
  6. You are responsible to contact the Dean(s) and take the Exam(s) for the course.
  7. Once this is completed, please submit a copy of your high school/ROP/Adult School transcript, any other documentation you have from your high school/ROP/Adult School about the course you have completed and a copy of the Exam completion to the Evaluations Office, Building 8300, so that it can be tracked on your transcript.
  8. Articulated courses are awarded credit after you have completed the Credit by Exam process and completed 15 quarter units at Foothill College.
If you need assistance with the process, contact Dawn Girardelli at or (650) 949-6952.

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