Guidelines for Foothill College Faculty and Administrators

In order for students to get either noncredit articulated courses or Credit by Examination articulated courses placed on their college transcript it is required that these courses be articulated between each High School, ROP or Adult Education program and Foothill College.

Eligible courses must be articulated with each High School, ROP or Adult Education program and Foothill College on a course-by-course basis. Course eligibility is determined solely by the faculty at Foothill College within the subject area.

If a High School, ROP or Adult Education teacher submits a request for articulation of their coursework, discipline faculty will receive a completed Request for Consideration of Articulation of High School/ROP/Adult Education Course for review and consideration of articulation after discussion with the submitting instructor. If the discipline faculty approve the articulation agreement, a HS/ROP/Adult Education Articulation Agreement will be completed and signed off by Foothill's discipline faculty. It is then sent to the division dean, college articulation officer and vice president of instruction and institutional research for signature.

The following flow chart outlines the articulation process: Articulation_Flow_Chart
Download this Articulation Flow Chart in pdf format.

More information on High School, ROP and Adult Education articulation can be found at the State Academic Senate's Statewide Career Pathways at

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