Have questions about the various financial aid programs at Foothill College?

Learn about financial aid through these short video answers.

Video Topics

Default Prevention
  1. What does deferment mean?

  2. What does forbearance mean?

  3. What is an Income-Based Repayment Plan?

  4. What is the repayment period under an Income-Based Repayment Plan?

  5. Can I get federal financial aid if I am in default on a student loan?

  6. Do you have any suggestions for what I should be doing now to prepare myself for repaying my loans?

  7. If I default on a student loan, how can I fix it?

  8. What are my Federal Direct student loan cancellation options?

  9. What happens to my loan if I move or change schools?

  10. What is Loan Forgiveness?

  11. When do I begin repayment on my Federal Direct loan?

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